What Will Happen After President Jokowi Calls Surya Paloh at the State Palace, Is He Really a Traitor?

What Will Happen After President Jokowi Calls Surya Paloh at the State Palace, Is He Really a Traitor?

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By: Saiful Huda Ems*

Not intending to preempt President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) decision, on several discussion occasions I have made a prediction, that a cabinet reshuffle will most likely be carried out by President Jokowi in the near future.

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This happened because in addition to the increasingly pressing interests of the state to replace its ministers who were incapable of working, there were also problems in the field, in this case concerning agricultural governance and information communication, which caused many problems.

Also about the betrayal of the government coalition party, namely NasDem, which President Jokowi must immediately address.

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We all understand very well that almost all volunteer organs supporting Jokowi are irritated and angry with the NasDem’s failure to revoke all of its representatives in the cabinet.

NasDem, in this case Surya Paloh, seems thick-faced, aka ignorant, where he has betrayed President Jokowi by nominating Anies Baswedan as the 2024 presidential candidate.

This is coupled with the planned coalition between NasDem and parties opposing the Jokowi government, namely the PKS and the Democratic Party. However, Surya Paloh is still adamant to keep his party’s representatives sitting in the cabinet.

President Jokowi, who is very sensitive to the mood of his supporters, especially the mood of his people, then immediately responded by summoning Surya Paloh (SP) to the state palace, Thursday, January 26, 2023.

Unlike what was reported by all the media in the country which he called a sudden summons, I believe that this summons was not sudden but had been scheduled weeks ago by President Jokowi.

It seems that Surya Paloh should be warned by President Jokowi, whether he wants to continue to nominate Anies Baswedan or immediately expel all ministers representing his party from the cabinet. Because apart from what the SP had done was a betrayal, the ministers were also deemed incompetent to work.

Rumors of discussions among politicians and volunteers supporting Jokowi began to get more lively after President Jokowi summoned SP to the state palace.