The Tempest Born from the Lips of Beauty: The Strategy for Knitting Torn Stories

The Tempest Born from the Lips of Beauty: The Strategy for Knitting Torn Stories

Di Wirrye

By: A Jefrino Fahik*

Indonesia has never ended being hit by a heartbreaking tempest. Lastly, the tempest takes two stories at once, which of course is currently sexy in our public space.

However, he feels sexy not because it’s delicious on sale. Not because of the weight of the story, but more because the nuances of the tempest have a similar story angle.

So, take two moderate cases hot in this Republic: The case of the police shooting the police and the case of Mario Dandy assaulting David.

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Our question is, what is interesting about these two events? Our answers can vary. But allow me to introduce this cliché: the two cases have a similar trigger point, which stems from allegations of abuse.

The story then stretches and ignites increasingly burning problems, especially dragging many other hidden problems.

Glance like in soap operas, right? The two had a surprising start. Dramatic then explodes into a story full of stratagem and cunning. It’s so interesting, the climax point is always eagerly awaited and we start cursing viciously and cruelly.

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The Story of Two Ladies

In the beginning was a sensual narrative. The sensual narrative whether it fell from the sky, the talk of a shaman, or a Friday night vision, no one except them knows. Yes, only Putri Candrawathi and Agnes Gracia Haryanto know exactly about this story.

Then why are we so grumbling, isn’t this world shaped by the obscurity of stories? Haven’t we been told by our ancestors in the Garden of Eden that the fall of humans into evil and sin was triggered by an unclear narrative?

Pay attention that the devil always has a strategy to plunge us into the horrors of hell and death, including the two women who reveal the depravity of the big elites in the Republic through small narratives. Again, just a small narrative.