Social Media People Surplus ‘Numb’ and Minus Ethical Sensitivity

Social Media People Surplus ‘Numb’ and Minus Ethical Sensitivity

Di Wirrye

By: A Jefrino Fahik*

David (17), the son of one of the administrators of GP Ansor center Jonathan, was abused by Mario Dandy Satrio (20) who is the son of a tax official. David was abused into a coma.

This incident drew public attention. Many cursed at the official’s son because they were judged to have no heart, he abused the victim almost to death.

To be honest, I empathize with the perpetrators simultaneously agreeing with what the public has been saying lately. However, allow me to see the other side of this heartbreaking event, namely from the point of view of the video takers, which later went viral on the internet.

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Let’s throw this question: where is the conscience of the video maker? how brave are they to let the perpetrator trample on the victim while they are engrossed in recording it in pursuit of likes, comments, and virality?

Those questions had to be asked because it was pretty certain those who were filming the action were at the scene. Our consciences should be moved to intervene, or at least to side with the victims who are increasingly being persecuted.

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Human Minus Humanity

For those of us who have a conscience, we must be spontaneously disturbed to side with the victims. This is a matter of basic ethics, how should our conscience take sides in concrete situations.

This point need not be made by highly educated people or ethical scholars. But every one of us as humans, who have a conscience, should just help people who are being persecuted before our eyes.

Unfortunately, what the video takers did was not human. Everyone knows that anyone who has a heart will definitely help. However, in fact, the opposite happened, the victim became a digital object for like, comment, and viral hunters.

This means that there is something wrong with the way we live in a world that is increasingly digitized, a world that is instantaneous, and a world that is being battered by the spirit of tiktok today.