Saiful Huda Ems’ Opinion: Will Wednesday Pon 1 February 2023 be the Day the Ministers of NasDem fell

Saiful Huda Ems’ Opinion: Will Wednesday Pon 1 February 2023 be the Day the Ministers of NasDem fell

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By: Saiful Huda Ems*

In the Javanese calendar or calendar, the first Wednesday Pon falls on February 1, 2023. Pon itself means congratulations, and in Javanese tradition, Wednesday Pon is interpreted as compulsion.

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Some people who often pay attention to President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) political style, which is always thick with Javanese traditions, are trying to guess about the possibility that President Jokowi will make Wednesday Pon (1/2/2023), a momentum to reshuffle the Indonesia Onward Cabinet.

This is in line with the Javanese tradition which interprets Wednesday Pon as a compulsion to get safety together.

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This Javanese calendar has something special, because it combines the Islamic and Hindu calendar systems, and the Julian calendar, which is a Western tradition.

In addition, the Javanese calendar in ancient times was always used by the Mataram Sultanate.

By him, it is possible that most politicians who often pay attention to President Jokowi’s style of leadership which is thick with Javanese traditions, believe that Wednesday Pon will be used as the momentum for a Reshuffle of the Indonesia Onward Cabinet.

Reshuffle the Cabinet to replace ministers who are unable to work, and ministers representing the NasDem who must be replaced immediately because they are forced to do so by reasons other than their inability to work as well as the betrayal of their party.

This belief was increasingly strengthened when –as I wrote in the previous opinion– Surya Paloh was summoned to the state palace by President Jokowi last Thursday (26/1/2023).

A strong signal has occurred by farewell coalition there.

And again, we, as ordinary people, are asking, who are the figures worthy of being qualified ministers and deputy ministers to replace those who will be reshuffled?