Saiful Huda Ems’ Opinion: National Politics Going into Stumbling Ahead of 2024, and Jokowi Going Alone!

Saiful Huda Ems’ Opinion: National Politics Going into Stumbling Ahead of 2024, and Jokowi Going Alone!

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By: Saiful Huda Ems (SHE)*

Towards the last year of the second term of the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin Administration, it seems that the Indonesian people are starting to melt a little.

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There is no longer any significant political conflict between the pro-Jokowi Government and its opponents.

Even if there are still cases of ideological and religious conflict, such as the recent tarpaulin closure of the Virgin Mary Statue in Kulon Progo Yogyakarta, I think that these are only the remnants of ideological or religious conflicts that have not been fully resolved by the state.

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If we look at Indonesia from this point of view, it seems that Jokowi’s government can be said to be almost a great success.

But Indonesia’s problems are multi-complex, we cannot see and evaluate cases partially, but must be holistic, comprehensive, because we live in this country as a nation, which is also large.

Where to organize the state and nation, a minimum of 76 trillion Rupiah is needed through periodic circulation of power called ELECTIONS.

And that’s only the funds needed for the National ELECTION, what about the funds for PILKADA etc. what has happened so far? Not to mention the funds coming out of the personal pockets of ELECTION participants and their supporters.

Huge amounts of money have been spent on preparations for organizing or managing this country, so it is only natural that people continue to speak out to question how far the results have been from this democratic party that has happened and will happen again.

In the years that have passed and are ongoing, the people have not only been treated to the glorious achievements of the Jokowi-MA Government, which can be seen from the spectacular leaps in infrastructure development, which have never been achieved by previous governments.

However, the people actually felt that they were being treated to spectacles of corruption, provocation and violence in the name of religion as well as freedom of expression and mafioso activities in various places which were carried out individually or in groups.