Denny Siregar: Kang Erick Thohir Don’t Be Like Anies Baswedan

Denny Siregar: Kang Erick Thohir Don’t Be Like Anies Baswedan

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By: Denny Siregar, Social Media Activist

The case of the explosion and burning of the Pertamina Depot in Plumpang, North Jakarta, which claimed the lives of 19 people, is getting wider.

Finally, it was revealed that the many fatalities in the burning of the Plumpang depot were because they were consumed by Anies Baswedan’s political contract during the 2017 DKI gubernatorial election.

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Residents who live around the Pertamina depot are actually illegal residents.

They shouldn’t be allowed to live around the Pertamina depot because it’s very dangerous.

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The history of the Pertamina Plumpang Depot dates back to 1968, when Pertamina purchased 153 hectares of land in Tanah Merah, North Jakarta. In 1974, Pertamina began to fence off the area to build a depot.

Actually, from the beginning Pertamina had designated a dangerous area to live around the depot, but people slowly started to come and live there, so that of the 153 hectares of land that Pertamina bought, in the end the majority were actually inhabited by people who came to Jakarta from various regions.

This problem has never been resolved from the start, because the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has never strictly prohibited residents from living there so that Pertamina is ultimately the one under pressure. There have been many analyzes for a long time, how dangerous it would be if there were residential areas around the Pertamina depot.

What, for example, if a terrorist blows up a Pertamina depot? Won’t local residents become victims if the depot explodes and catches fire?

And that happened in 2008. Densus 88 found weapons and explosives in the Tanah Merah area close to the Pertamina depot.

So, there was once an action plan to blow up the Pertamina depot in Plumpang and the terrorists were hiding among the residents of the Tanah Merah area. Fortunately, Detachment 88 caught them first, so they did not have time to blow up the Pertamina depot.

It was the case of the discovery of weapons and explosives in Tanah Merah that made the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, during the Fauzi Bowo era, think about relocating residents to Tanah Merah.