Coco Lee’s funeral will be held in August 2023

Coco Lee’s funeral will be held in August 2023

Di Wirrye

Hong Kong – Hong Kong singer who also has Indonesian blood, Coco Lee was declared dead on Thursday, 6 July 2023. It was reported through her family that Coco Lee’s funeral would be held in August 2023.

It’s not for nothing that the singer’s funeral was carried out only in August. Then, what’s the reason? Read more below.

Coco Lee’s funeral

Coco Lee

Coco Lee’s sister, Nancy, told the media crew that the funeral for the singer singing the song Do You Want My Love will take place in August 2023.

Because, Coco Lee’s body will be carried out an autopsy first. According to Hong Kong regulations, an autopsy is required to determine the cause of death as the singer did not die from an illness, and the process can take four to six weeks.

Coco Lee’s husband, Bruce Rockowitz, who is also a businessman from Canada, reportedly also flew to Hong Kong to attend his wife’s funeral.